Sunday, 11 March 2018

Moving forward

with this little stitch, I was going to do the greys and white but for some reason that did not appeal to me today so started the brown.

that looks like a big mouth...

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Janome 120

aren't little things cute

don't they call out to be taken home and loved?

last time I spotted a little sewing machine in a charity shop I resisted womanfuly.

Shortly after another blogger posted she had optimistically purchased a mini machine.

Pop over to finding flapjack to see that one.

And I wondered if I had let a good opportunity pass me by.

Later again one of the quilting group ladies bought something similar new hoping it would be one she could use (her daughter having borrowed hers on a mostly permanent basis) and that would be light enough to carry to church.

We could not get it to work properly, oh it stitched but the stitches just pulled back out , reminded me of a toy machine I had as a child that was equally useless foe sewing stuff together.

I felt better for having resisted as the one I had seen looked more  like that one than the rounded mini marvel at finding flapjack.

So today there it was a little machine in the Alice House hospice shop.

This one had a name I knew from many a post on many a facebook quilting page.

It had the pedal, it had the  power adaptor, two spare spools (and one in the machine) and a bobbin of Gutermann thread.

Should I?

It would be light enough to carry places.

you know I did it, bought it and indeed it was light as I carried it all the way home (in the snow).

It works just fine, it does straight stitches in four different sizes and three sizes of zig zag and the needle can be adjusted to the left. 

I am happy with my purchase, it has a footprint smaller than a box of  man sized hankies.

I see a project making a bag for it in my very near future.

Oh I almost forgot, it was £6 .


Friday, 23 February 2018

Charity day truffels

You may recall my delight at winning a food based class at the Peterlee show 2015  .

One of the ladies at work has started a small business venture truffle based.

Today at work was a charity day (I have mentioned before we have them) and she brought some bunny themed truffles in. So as a change from the sewing and stitching stuff I thought I would share a picture or two and her business card.

Sorry, she is not quite international yet but I am sure she would be delighted with any interest.

Bunny truffle

Artisan Chocolate Truffles

Sunday, 18 February 2018

A touch more blue

and a little further on with this, mind it should have been more but a little miscount a little frogging and back on track.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Frame at last!

I finished this birth sampler a while ago however, I had made my usual mistake of being captivated by a design without first checking I had a frame to put it in.

I have a STASH of frames (to which kind people occasionally add) and occasionally I plan and pick the frame and design together, not as often as I should.  Then I have to find a frame, normally not too difficult  for smaller pieces like the sampler.

Except this year the fashion in frames appears to exclude any with a six inch square aperture unless they are made with very deep sides like a box.

It has taken an age to find a frame the right size and in the end I had to get a framed picture and take the picture out.

I meant to frame it yesterday, take it into work and ask if one of my co-workers would be passing the parents home and could drop it off.  Regrettably I was not feeling up to it and thought another day won't make a difference.

So at work at lunch and there are mother and baby having popped in to say hello.  How frustrating I could have given it to her personally, ah well it is done now and I will take it into work.

Birth sampler

Oh the date of birth, time and weight are in white so only visible if you look very very hard.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Little Sunday kit


This was a quick start, hoping the rest goes as quickly.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Sandwich basted

sounds like I have been cooking!

Nope just time to quilt.

Those of you who have been visiting here enough to have seen the early stages  of this quilt may be thinking "oh you have added the edge." How did the mitering go. 

Well, the mitered corners were perfect, a thing of wonder and a joy to behold.  No, they really were. The slight lines all lined up and everything, I was so excited.  The observant will have noticed the past tense there, that they were perfect rather than they are perfect. 


When I laid the quilt out to sandwich and started pinning it was to realise the edge was not lying flat.  Whilst making beautifuly lined up with the pattern corners I had managed to get the outer edge too long.

There would have been very proud close ups of those original corners, I tried to think of a way to keep them.  Alas it was not to be, they had to be unpicked and resewn, still mitered but those lines are a little out.  It was a trade off, reasonable corners (but not close up worthy) with a flatter if not exactly flat edge.  

I am quilting the squares by hand and contemplating free motion quilting for the edge (in the hopes the more intense quilting will help to disguise the wibble in the edge).  Although I am suddenly indecisive about the colour to use. The backing is a dark blue and the binding will be dark blue.  Contemplating!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Red, blue and green

a touch of black and just the backstitching to go

and then the stitching is finished


And all is revealed.

now to get him framed!

oh and choose a replacement for my Sunday Stitching.

Sunday, 14 January 2018


nearly almost done. I have the feeling that makes the question of what this is much clearer.

Today I think I also decided what to do with it when it is finished.  That is going to speed up the finish as I am using this piece to get me back to sewing following the cold (although following suggestd it is gone, I am still coughing) and before I get back to any quilting.