Sunday, 10 December 2017

Secret Santa

Two words that are an immediate crafters dilemma 

Should I consider making something!

The question can't be answered until the moment the little bit of paper is drawn and the name revealed.

So now knowing who it is, should I craft, what should I make and perhaps most importantly of all have I the time to finish whatever I start. 

This year I have just changed teams, bidding farewell to people I have worked with for years and who's likes and dislike  are as known to me as mine to them.  Now the new team is a mix some I have worked with and know a little, others I do not know at all. 

I had some hopes I would draw the Star Wars enthusiast.  Alas that was not to be. I drew the name of a male colleague who's preference I have no knowledge (except he is on a diet which ruled out the easy chocolate option).  

I finally decided to craft, I bought a box and turned to my pyrography tools a quilting book and a calligraphy book to personalise the box.

You may guess that the recipient of my Secret Santa'ing  has the initial P.

Here are the books I got the Celtic Knot and the P from.

I finished nicely in time, early actual as I will not be at work for the gift giving so I won't know for at least a week  if he liked it or not.

At least I had fun making it. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Upside down

this looks rather scary and weird!

an angry sort of tiger!

right way up?

And the final image is coming together.

Can you make it out yet?

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Christmas runner

The material for this Christmas runner came in a bag of "scraps" from a local curtain shop.  I was already delighted by the price of the "end of roll" material at the back of the shop.  Material over £20 a metre at £1 or occasionally on sale for 50p.

Always happy to cut just a metre and willing to advise if a particular material just was not going to wash at all well the shop assistant was ever cheerful in woolly hat and gloves almost all year round.  Brrr was that shop cold! A bag of free random bits, well that is a delight to me both on the parsimonious side but also there is something about figuring out what to do with random that appeals.

Cream on cream

This cream and gold (reversible to cream on cream) material was already in strips. Very heavy curtain weight it was not going to do for the patchwork however, my mother had mentioned liking the idea of a table runner, and the ones she liked were not cheep.

Gold on Cream

So, edged with satin bia binding (bought from Boyes at a most reasonable price) and finished with matching tassels from my stash this particular bit of gifted fabric became a Christmas runner.

I have some more strips, and of course it is in the back of my mind (and for some time it has stayed there who knows when it will reach the front) to get some more bias binding and tassels and make some more.

The happy lady trying to stay warm in her woolly hat was always encouraging me to make stuff and sell it. I never have. Well other than the charity craft fair at work, but I am not sure she would have counted that!

At the moment I just wish I knew where (if at all) she and the shop she ran have gone.  The shutters came down at the location I knew a long time ago and although she spoke of them reopening at another location there have never been any "we have moved to" signs on the door.

Now that would be a good Christmas gift, finding them again.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Hospital stitching

Well this time the appointment went ahead as planned and happily I got less stitching done than anticipated as the procedure took less time than expected.

I can't say that the addition of a bit more grey and some red have clarified things much however, I am still finding it quite pleasing to look at.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sunday stitching, a new start

and three colours in (not three colours finished just in) and just theses few stitches make a rather pleasant abstract shape.

Not that it gives much of hint at this stage of the finished image.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Fame at last

courtesy of Joe over at Serendipitous Stitching where I get to be

...drum roll please...


Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sampler quilt, small progress.

Had the sewing machine out for another project (to be seen later) and some hems that needed doing so I took the opportunity to sew together the strips cut  previously when getting the triangles for the blue quilt (which has stalled at the mitered corners, and I will get to that also in a future post).

So the instructions were to sew the  eight strips into two sets.

The difference between the two sets? The direction the seams are pressed.

This is apparently going to be pivotal  once the strips are cut into squares then triangles and sewn back together again.

I may need to work up to cutting my stripes into the next shape.

My friend has been working on her Graduation quilt so has not caught up with me yet on the Sampler Quilt.  However, being an organised person I expect once she sets her mind to it, it won't take her long at all.  It is going to be interesting seeing the difference her fabric choices will make to the various blocks. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A stitching finish

Well this little design got to be a hospital stitch after all.  Not for the original planned scheduled minor take an hour or so procedure cancelled earlier.  No for an unscheduled trip with my mother.  Waiting for scans, waiting for consultants, waiting....

and sewing and trying to make the time pass.  It passed, and all is well again and home and safe.  The planned procedure is rescheduled so another stitch will be getting that job.  Again something simple to keep a worried mind and hands busy.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Sunday stitching brown and white

or boots, a touch of hair and a bit of filling in.

I did not use this as a hospital time passer as expected, the best laid plans and all that.  Nor did I get as far today as I might have expected as I was joined by a lovely young lady from Ethiopia/Eritrea.  We had a nice chat as her English is very good (you may recall my language skills are limited to English).  I look forward to more chats in the future.   

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2017

Fairly sure given the "letter" assigned to me by Jo our hostess for this blog hop  that I am not the beginning of this years journey.

So if you have arrived here direct and not as a redirect from Jo or someone else on the hop may I recommend you click on over to serendipitousstitching.- read the rules and start at the beginning.

Here is my little Halloween contribution this year.   

and of course the letter...well sort of....

Good luck with the blog hop, one and all.

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